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8/22/20.  Photonics Engineer.

SMU's Photonics Devices and Systems Laboratory has an immediate need for a Photonics Engineer (MS, PhD, PostDoc) to help design and characterize novel photonic integrated circuitry. The skill sets gained will be ever more valuable, given the direction our industry is going. The salary is intended to be competitive. U.S. Citizenship is preferred. Please forward your resume and a cover letter describing you interest in this position to Professor Duncan MacFarlane at


8/27/20. Postdoctoral fellowship in non-and minimally-invasive diffuse optical tissue monitoring


A postdoctoral position is available at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center with Dr. David Busch. This laboratory focuses upon development and translation of diffuse optical and correlation spectroscopic instrumentation to monitor the central nervous system. This work is performed in close collaboration with enthusiastic clinical collaborators. Current projects include non-invasive monitoring of cerebral hemodynamics during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and minimally invasive monitoring of the spinal cord in animal models. The fellow will be expected and encouraged to develop new lines of research, collecting pilot data for their future independent research careers, within the general themes of the lab.


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